The Girl
Mark, Bae and I when we adopted him.
 This pic is from the rescue. 
I'm Emily, and I live in Northeast Indiana with my husband and fellow nerd Mark, our cowardly but gorgeous ball python Lucius, and our massive dog Baeowulf. I'm nearly done with my English-Writing major at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne (Go Mastodons!). 

I'm an avid reader and writer, and I enjoy outdoorsy things as well. I'm a former scout camp counsellor and horseback riding instructor. I make a mean chocolate chip pancake on a campfire.

I've also (fairly) recently been diagnosed with several ailments (Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Teitze's Syndrome) that make it harder for me to do things physically, and have caused delays in getting on with my life. It's hard, but I'm getting by and trying to stay positive. Every small improvement is a step in the right direction.
The Dog
Baeowulf started out as 'Goliath', an unclaimed stray at a rescue who was found wandering with his collar rusted onto him. We renamed him because, while he is rather huge, he's not a big aggressive guy trying to beat up kids with slingshots, whatever the dog version of that may be.
We thought about the name for quite some time, and decided on Baeowulf with several things in mind. We're both avid readers and writers, so a literary name made sense - especially one with such a big, brave warrior in it, since our pup had been through so much. He'd also had quite the epic journey, and does look pretty wolfish. Meanwhile, while we were getting fully immersed in Once Upon A Time, we liked the name Baelfyre (Rumplestiltskin's son) and the shortened name Bae. We added the A in Baeowulf so that we could more easily call him Bae for short and have it make sense (as opposed to 'Be" or 'Beo' which doesn't make sense out of context).

The Blog
This blog was originally created for my web authoring class, and I decided to continue on with it instead of starting a new one due to the higher traffic and the relevance of my older posts.

Topics include:
  • Weekly review assignments (done, so there will be no more of these)
  • Relevant material from my other courses
  • Writing and editing
  • Personal posts including medical-related things
  • Our upcoming wedding ceremony
  • Lucius the snake
  • Bae the massive mixed-breed
  • Fiction, non-fiction, short stories, and poetry
  • Marriage stuff
  • My and my husband's writing projects