Sunday, January 15, 2012

I couldn't start a blog without talking about my only pet, Lucius, a royal (ball) python. While most ball pythons are a palate of browns, Lucius is a lemon/pastel "morph" - black, brown, and yellow. Right now he weighs about half a pound, and he'll eventually grow to be 3-5 feet long.

My fiance is allergic to pet dander, so Luci is perfect for us. Plus he doesn't make much noise, have to be walked, or make messes in the house. He has quite a bit of personality for a snake, but spends most of his time squigglin' around on his little tree or staring intently at his red light bulb.

Royal pythons are more commonly called ball pythons because of their behavior. When threatened, they curl up and fold in on themselves, forming a ball shape. They need high heat and humidity to regulate their body temperature and skin shed cycles. In the wild ball pythons live in termite mounds; though they're a 'tertiary' snake, they can climb quite well, and Lucius loves to climb things. He can also swim pretty fast; I'm not sure if all ball pythons are good swimmers.

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