Monday, January 13, 2014

A smallish update

It's been a madhouse here, but amidst the finals, holiday celebrations, and feet of snow, this girl managed a clean sweep on her last semester of college: straight As, with one class being over 100% (not that it really matters, but still nice that I knocked that class out of the ballpark). It feels crazy that I'm finally done, and yet it seems like it took so long to get here. I'm also immensely grateful that I got sick right after finals/holidays; I had a backlogged DVR and a tea stash ready to go!

So, what am I up to now that I'm not attending classes?

Well, like the rest of the state/country, I haven't been up to much the last week or so except trying to stay inside and making excessive amounts of snow-cream. Funny, they don't really do that in Northeast Indiana, and Mark said several people at his work tried it after he talked about it. You're welcome, Hoosiers.

Since it's so warm - which has escalated from 'above zero' to 'above freezing' and is now in the 40s - we took the dog for about a mile walk in the state park. 
He had lots of fun sniffing at bunny tracks, and we got some much-needed exercise. 

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